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    It does it on mine as well >< no idea whats going...

    It does it on mine as well >< no idea whats going on
  2. Lvl 6 Ruby embeded becomes level 5

    I just upgraded my staff and embedded a lvl 6 ruby which should have added over 1000 magic dammage. Now I look at the staff and there is a level 5 ruby there adding only 700 or so magic damage. I...
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    Leader cards

    So I just reached level 90, and am saint2. Have had 2 leader cards FAIL at 80% chance of success. Have realm transferred hunting for another leader card, only to have it not show up in my bracket...
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    Guild Contribution Glitched?

    The last 2 days now I have contributed 15 gems for my guild...I should be recieving 400 guild contribution but am getting the base 200 for some reason...What is going on, I am losing contribution...
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    Boss Fight Glitches GALORE

    What is going on TYNON, First this morning I couldnt log into the Cerberus fight then this afternoon I get half way into the fight atop the dmg charts and then the server disconnects me and I can no...
  6. GAme Froze

    WTH my game is frozen as well, server 9 us....been playing pretty hard core since I started and now I am very upset that I cant log in and that I missed the Cerberus event
  7. I tried to log in this morning to do the Cerberus...

    I tried to log in this morning to do the Cerberus event, but I am stuck in the load screen, IF I do get into the game I have 0 power, no companions, no icons to click, no assistant beginner rewards,...
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