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Thread: Patch Notes 6/26/13

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    Hi Tynon Team

    I have a problem. I can't join any of the guilds in the realms. Can someone kindly assist me in this? My username is Berserker. Thanks.

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    can you fix the bug in my rune chamber i cannot access anything it is frozen on trident all the others work except that one or can i reset everything

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    Please fix the black screen issue or I'm done and I'm a paying customer. It's been 2 weeks.

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    Wrath of Odin

    While this posting dates back june 26th, so far theres still major issues getting log at baal/cerb time and battle loading is not exactly faster if loading at all. Lots of guildmates are actually facing big problems loggin on when events goes on, be it banish or noble lady.
    Arena still fails to synch when claiming looted stakes, and we have to refresh to actually the gems we loot. Rune temple also has several synch failures and this has cause a lot of us losing runes ( yes, nice ones! mostly yellows), the weird part is that we dont lose purples when this happens.

    Hyena, guild Invincible.

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    Our guild appreciates the consideration of lowering costs.. hoever after inspecting changes we have noiced that no consideration was given to the build times.I mean really 9 days for lvl 4 guild. I shudder to think how long lvl 5 will take. And out lovely inter realm banner has started locking up the game. everytiime a new post is made the game freezes. Revengers in the middle of boss battles causes us to not be able todiagnose where improvements can be made.. Can we not get an escape or back button added to those fights and possibly one for the arena as well for when we replaya match to see where our opponent may have had the advantage. I personally watch the revenge battles i lose to see where heroes are positioned and try to see if changing formation would change my outcome but dont always want to watch the whole battle .. if i win i seldom like to watch the whole thing. can we possibly have the Devs check on these ideas for us.. thank

    I quite agree I have lost several lvl 6 adn lvl 7 yellow runes that i bought wth fragments. is a shame to be in middle of cerb or baal and get kicked out as well and it takes in excess of 10 minutes to get back in. some realms will have finished him off in that time. sometimes i log in to fight click on boost and em kicked out and have to refresh at least 3 times to get back in. there has to be soemthing that can be done to resolve this issue.. thanks Dawnbringer for reading adn tryong to get our requests fulfilled and thanks to the mods for organizing the forums...
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    can not do lab it freezes tried to do runes got teleported into mission game takes longer for me to load arena freezes. is to point where i can't do anything on game. i also used 5 gems to get shield to auto lvl. clicked on auto lvl brought me into mission would like my 5 gems back as i cannot do what i wanted which is to auto lvl
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    dear tynon,
    since your update the glitches have gotten considerably worse and it is becoming almost impossible to enjoy your game anymore
    the glitches are completely stopping me from doing combat, cerberus, runetemple, as well as others too.
    please look into this as i thoroughly enjoy your creation and would like to see it progress to being one of the best in its category
    thank you for your time.

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