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Thread: Patch Notes 6/26/13

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    ok listen up developers I worked my butt off to have 5 heros and now i have only 4 in formation..and i lost my power for it too??? are you kidding me??? its in my heros and I can't use it???? fix this!!!!!!!!:mad

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    All right.. Maybe if Tynon put a hold on introducing new servers and just focused mainly on the ones they already have? I keep seeing new servers coming, and still having huge issues in game. Get a little more people in on fixing this awesome game. I know it has the potential of being much better.
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    it was almost not possible to load game from evening of 26 till morning of 27

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    Oi really great job on this patch. NOT, my friend has lost 14k rep from this and he cant even do a thing about it because you guys dont have a support line and then you say you cant do **** about it. good work clap clap.

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    HEY!!!! how about u fix the bug that I HAVE NO BLACKSMITH ICON AT ALL at lvl 27 NO BLACKSMITH ICON I cannot upgrade any equipment

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    dude you need a god damn support line... this game is not going to last very long if something isnt done soon. You can see how angry people are getting about this, do something about it, or if you already are, tell us your doing something about it

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    what's with the bug for credit boosting in baal and cerberus? Keeps taking my credits but saying it failed

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    Quote Originally Posted by jerryjin126_3190520 View Post
    what's with the bug for credit boosting in baal and cerberus? Keeps taking my credits but saying it failed
    It's not a bug as you are not guaranteed to get the bonus.

    Read the description again.

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    Thank you for all of the hard work you guys are putting into the game!

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    I have no Rune Icon on my game. Can you please help?

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