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Thread: My Shrine is Broken

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    My Shrine is Broken

    I must have broken the Shrine during the intro, because i cannot acquire free sacrifices. After every attempt, the assistant resets to "free sacrifice". Then the coins and credits do not register. At some point, the tally messes up and my account ends up out of synch.

    Water Realm, Might of Helios
    Titans Guild

    Now I have a little envelope saying successful voyage. It offers 500K Coins, 500K reputation, 500K coins, and 500K reputation. Please note that I have yet to successfully sail on this server.
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    I am not getting this either when I access the shrine it isnt registering I can never get above 85% for assistant because it doesnt register that I have made a sacrifice

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    Still an ongoing situation.

    An update seems to have fixed the problem.
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