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Thread: Game has many Issues I hope you will deal with.

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    Game has many Issues I hope you will deal with.

    1) Assistant is Broken.(Shrine doesn't count)

    2) When Fighting in Arena and you attack a Player and it IS NOT the Player you wanted to attack(like a lvl 40 with 500k power) You should NOT lose Rep.Seriously how is this all?

    3) Pirate Ship run is a JOKE for New Player/Low Power/Lvl players.When a Lvl 50 with 1mil Power can attack a ship with 2 lvl 30 players with 200k power between them selves That is just ridiculous.

    4) a Forum option to click while in game.

    5) Make the odds on getting a Purple Card in Tavern better then 1% 30mil Credits spent and still no Purple card is again Ridiculous.

    6) If you want to get more money(which i know you do) Think of adding UGC Ultimate Game Card.

    Thank you that is all.Hope these things are met/fixed or I will take my business else where.

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    1) Works for me, post screenshots.

    2) Hover over the people you fight before you click them. If someone else attacked them first and claimed their states than you are going to wind up fighting the person holding onto their prize.

    3) I agree. There should be some sort of balance in this. Currently the answer is get lucky or get a strong guild member to run with you. Even at 500k power myself I have to be EXTREMELY careful.

    4) I agree...unfortunately though this forum is terrible anyway. There is no OFFICIAL staff here. Only forum mods who seem to have very little connection with those that run the game. Not hating on them, just stating the truth.

    5) In the grand scheme of with it. The MAXIMUM level is 54 right now I think...were not even halfway to the end of the game and credits get more and more frequent as the levels go on. I'm not saying they shouldnt mess with the ratio a little bit, I'm just saying its not supposed to be easy.

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    Thanx for the feed back i wasn't aware you could hover and see who is holding the stakes.I will try that from now on.
    Ask anyone on Might of Helios if their Assistant 0/2 Sacrifice is working.Fire Realm on there is Not and I am pretty sure other Realms have the same issue.I posted it so by some chance they could look into it.

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    why cant you try to fix the problems that are on this game , instead you build another server , every time we try to level up or are about to finish the lab server boots us , i'm glad i'm not spending my hard earned money on this joke of a game , I feel sorry for those who do and you do nothing to help or fix any of the many problems with this sorry game , you have to many fails for the people trying to level up , if you have 10 stars you are lucky to get 1-3 out of them to work, NOT COOL . please try to fix these problems , I know you read these complaints and sit back with each other and laugh at all these - and bet on who has the worst or best complaint , because you are clearly not trying to fix problems , if you are trying my I suggest hiring new techs.

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    I am not sure what you mean by the maximum level is 54. There is a level 96 player on my server and I am sure there are higher level players in other servers.

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    As this is a necro'd, I'm going to close it.


    Forum Moderators are volunteers and are unable to fix in game problems

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