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Thread: Why all the QQ-ing

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    Angry Why all the QQ-ing

    I can't understand why players are complaining about thing's I understand missing items ect but to be honest this game is far to easy and requires no effort nor skill you don't even need to coin unlike other browser games. So why all the complaining about in-game content PVP in heroic, random chances not going in your favor, stamina not refilling fast enough, can't defeat a boss to hard ect Don't like it GTFO It's too much of a noob friendly game already If anything It needs to be harder, enough said. D:

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    It's all justified, I don't think you've been playing the game long enough to comment on anything seeing as how you joined today. There are many flaws, that will drive a lot of players away.

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    he has a point, it free (if you want it to be), so quit BITCHING!!

    that being said, quite a few people are spending, and they should get a fairly stable/playable game for their bucks.

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    In your mind
    Who is bitching now! Haha.

    Have you been active in real life lately? People bitch, better get used to it because it makes life much easier .
    What also helps is spreading the love and finding a more positive crew.

    Do as I do, not as I say is always a good thing to live by, so set an example!

    ~ You are just jealous 'cause the voices only talk to me..~
    ~ There is a crack in everything, that is where the light comes in~

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    People are bitching because its boring, not because its easy.
    It does not have enough activities especially since there is only one quest line and that in itself is a major flaw.

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    More PVP again is what we need. Lift the cap. Make it a wider range of people to attack. This will make it much more fun!

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    its free... unless you want to pay... and its a chat room.... who cares so much about that?

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    Nice necro Jason.

    PVP is the fun part of this game...and it's been nerfed.

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    Yep this thread has been necro'd enough.

    Thread closed.

    Forum Moderators are volunteers and are unable to fix in game problems

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