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Thread: Guild Wars Broken

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    Guild Wars Broken

    Guild wars seems to be broken, F and G camps impossible to take seems to be that way for everyone on the server anyway to fix this?
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    Yes Guild Wars broke on Central server also. Right around Round 13 the March buttons would come up and it would allow you to click on them and then move your avatar. But it stopped showing the actual movement of the players between the camps. Also, no fighting would take place. The Command and Action Phase pointer would run and the Rounds would change but that was it. Also we got credit for having participated as far as the Daily's but did not get any reward after Round 30 as the app stalled out when the pointer got down to the end of Action Phase.

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    in addition, the break also caused anything aquired during Guild Wars (i.e. the 100 gems i won in arena) not to be saved at log out.

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    maybe test and dawgs dragons polluted the air to much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kirbyroth_7609634 View Post
    maybe test and dawgs dragons polluted the air to much
    Or maybe you just necro'd a 12 month old thread.


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