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    Question Guilds

    Is it just me or are there only the 5 major guilds through out the server? there seems to be no competion anymore esp in GW,
    we need some competition even if its just a one of vs the other realms in it


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    I think the upper NPCs should be only 1 per server.

    1 Koleton

    1 Jengu

    1 Last Home

    1 Astrifactorum

    Instead of 1 per realm, should be 1 per server.

    Then allow all realms to be able to bid for them.

    That would spice things up a lot.

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    yeah that would increase competition within the server

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    Absolutely, let the power guilds level 5 and above kick the sh1t out of each other so maybe the level 3 and 4's can have a chance to own a city.

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    I thank Tynon for the server-wide city warfare change.

    I hope they put a limit to the number of npc cities 1 guild can hold.

    3 npc cities maximum would make it so that other guilds can hold cities as well.

    Even an "uber" guild would have to give up the lower city bonuses if they would want to pursue the higher end cities.

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    I think they need to rethink Guild Warfare, each guild should get the resources of that city they have won. Let the guilds fight it out for 1-100 place like in arena with daily bonus according to your guild ranking.

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