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Thread: What's wrong with the gem-counter?

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    What's wrong with the gem-counter?

    Hi, I saw a strange effect:

    I was beaten in the arena, whilst owning a 100 gem stake. When the counter moved to ==:== I clicked the stake and got 50 gems. - Strange?!

    Strange, just to know for You tecnical guys, who are in whole doin' a great job. Thnx

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    Yeah got half too.. wonder why.

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    The winner gets 50% of your stake also 50 gems

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    Once you are beaten in arena you have 50% deducted from your stake which goes to the player that beats you. If you hit back and win you will get your full 100% when the timer ends, if you do not win against them then you will only receive 50% back. The best way to keep 100% is to have a guild member hit you, they receive 50% and after power down so that you can beat them and get the full stake back. Doing this in the case of 100 gems for example you will end up with 100 gems and a guildmate with 50 and 2 happy players.

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