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    how do I re-set my acct? I want to change the sex and maybe the type of character I have

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtwjw_1597860 View Post
    how do I re-set my acct? I want to change the sex and maybe the type of character I have
    You can't however you have a few choices:

    1: Use the same email you registered with to play another server and create a new character.
    2: Get a new email address and register to play the game again so you can play on the server you are on now.

    Hope that helps.
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    Greetings I am Meia!
    I started playing these kinds of games on mega mud, when they were just text.
    Feel welcome to befriend me!

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    I've come to give this game a second try - since I quit after my second day of Beta testing.
    I've a game developer myself, working to create another FPS to put out into the world.
    I love Alpha testing and Beta testing games, but there comes a time where I can no longer continue playing due to other worldy factors such as my job.

    I'm a commissioned Private [3] In the Army, working as a Combat engineer.
    I don't know what else to say...

    ...I guess. I like cheese?
    And Bacon.
    And food in general.

    I also love art and music.

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