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Thread: New Servers Opening (All Time Zones)

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    Tynon = Fail - how do you abandon this awesome of a game. I played some of the other games by ucool. They are so boring compared to tynon
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    the Order server 107 and Wolf Clan server 53
    I totally agree and why not make a special purchase available for every Holiday? That would certainly make them more money and more ops for users too. If I Could I would buy this game and continue to work on it.

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    Why Not?
    Yes, this game is better than plants vs zombies or area 51 or elvenar or grepolis or forge of empires.

    Sure, innogames has a ton of languages on its servers, it's a great language learning tool. I'll never speak German again.

    It's a game, not a career in beta-testing. Betsy du Vos might refinance it as a math learning game.

    Beats game development, a lot more fun. Maybe we could gang up and send ucool some public domain art and finance ourselves some jobs.

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