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Thread: Patch Notes 7/19/13: Tynon 1.1.0

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    Not sure if this is a result from the patch, but since it was implemented, my loading time has been slowed when I go to fight monsters in lab, heroic or if I am just switching maps. Slowed to the point where it sometimes takes over a minute to get anywhere or do anything. There is also a slowed load for getting into the game itself.

    ^ That is what I am seeing now. The game is running in the background, but the clouds won't go away now.

    And what happened in Pirates...

    That thing took so long loading, my attack timer was fully refreshed. Still didn't see the fight. I sat there the whole time and could have had my map taken.

    Now when loading the game...

    I did submit the report. Hoping this issue is resolved.
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    Fighting in Arena and Lab was bad before but now it's just AWFUL. One good thing, in Lab there was a change so that the battles no longer freeze up at the end forcing a refresh after each battle, however the battles still run like crap. In the Arena it's even worse, I have 4-5 moves all hitting simultaneously on a consistent basis and the sprites of dead heroes still remain on the field making it impossible for me to follow what's going on on a turn by turn basis which makes it impossible to know if victories or losses were close or how to adjust formations to compensate.

    Your patch didn't fix anything, it just added more things to bog down the servers further. You obviously don't care about the quality of the game or you would work to fix existing bugs before implementing new content. Of course I have no doubt that this is falling on deaf ears since it seems equally apparent that the Tynon Dev Team doesn't pay any attention to the forums.

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    1.1 Patch is horrible. Game freezes up more now than before. Come on can we do something about this its getting to the point that the game is not worth playing

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    On wings of hermes the warfare is bugged, we get no reports during it and cannot see people move, it keeps freezing and often everone just don't have a clue of what's going on while it's running, please fix it

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    My Labyrinth play is all locked up when I fall into a trap to combat "monsters". I get a "loading combat" or something to that effect but it never animates and I never see any action. It just locks up and I have to refresh to get out. Then I am always kicked out of labyrinth as i come back presumably defeated? This is destroying my game play and ability to develop my character and costing enormous stamina to try to ascertain if it will work or not. It has happened every day for 4 days now. I have refreshed my cache and reset all my cookies etc. and still no go. Using Chrome and submitted multiple help requests.
    This is : Server 30 "Rains of Chack". Are you all pushing all the right patches to all the new servers and using the same Configuration Management? Very frustrating...

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