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Thread: New Situation in Arena

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    New Situation in Arena

    This seems a bit odd, but the forest Realm arena is quite messed up at the top.

    I am rank #6. I see ranks 676 (water realm), 7 (forest realm), 4 (forest realm), 4 (water realm), and 3 (forest realm) in the arena. I do NOT see #5 forest realm, who I would like to attack. I would send a screen shot, but cannot upload a pdf.

    Forest Realm
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    Ranked 13 atm and the 5 players i see are ranked..

    15, 11, 10, 9, 6

    When I get to rank 7, I can see as far back as 20, weird :/
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    I understand that different numbers came available. Unfortunately, some are in different realms. Meaning different arenas.

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