1- Reporter:

2- What server:
Trident of Poseidon

3- Platform:

4- Operating system:
Windows 7

5- Description:
Upgrading stars is bugged. What happened was I tried to upgrade Saffron, the first few times I failed (I assumed it was because it just wasn't my lucky day), eventually, I found that the animation to show that the upgrade succeeded had played out, meaning; the upgrade was a success and Saffron had went up another star. 5 minutes later, however, she had actually lost a star rather than gained one. I have wasted about 20/25 blue medals or trying to upgrade Saffron, and every time the upgrade success animation plays out, she's always went down one 5 minutes later. The same has happened with Catherine's recent upgrade. Saffron and Catherine are both stuck on having a maximum of 3 stars; they just won't go up any further, even though the upgrade success animation shows that they did. This bug only occurs when trying to upgrade to 4 stars for both Saffron and Catherine (it could possibly happen with other heroes as well, however I am yet to test it); it doesn't occur when going from 2 to 3, just 3 to 4, and possibly later stars, but, obviously, I haven't gotten passed 3.
1 - Acquire 2 Blue Medals (or 1 for Catherine)
2 - Upgrade a 3-star Saffron through the stars menu
3 - Watch the animation play out for an upgrade success, acquiring the 4th star below Saffron's name at the top right-hand corner
4 - Exit the stars menu and then either wait 5 minutes or refresh
5 - Now enter the stars menu again, clicking on Saffron, her stars will now be 2 and not 4, and your power would have gone down

I'm not sure whether it's an animation issue, which would mean I would have failed about 6/7 times in a row or if I've actually succeeded in upgrading and the game just hasn't recognised it regardless, thinking it a loss rather than a success.

6- Summary:
When upgrading from 3 to 4 stars for heroes Saffron and Catherine (and possibly others), even when the upgrade is a success, 5 minutes later it shows that you've lost a star.

7- Upload a file:
I am not able to record using my laptop, and screenshots would not help in this situation. Apologies.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon