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Thread: Song Of The Day...

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    My song of the day... The Mars Volta - The Widow. Just because.

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    The Dawn.. My song of everyday
    Fell in love with it since the first time heard on
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    Since the new update will be here at rollover today this seems like a good song for the day

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    Some Kate Bush.

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    Lol tynon theme song this is

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    This Doth be one of mine favorite pieces, by Ch.M. Widor. If ye hath not time to listen unto the entire, I recommend ye listen unto the last few minutes,as they are most impressive.
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    Thats a beutiful piece, Bartholomew,thanks for sharing that with us.
    A favorite of mine is this;

    The really neat part is from 1:42 onward. That is the largest musical instrument in the world.
    Turn up the volume all the way!
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