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Thread: Koleton Buff

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    well it seems like its been that long dont know the date but a while are you going to nit pick or fix it

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    Hope its implemented before the guild I'm reaches lvl 5 in a couple weeks (such a long upgrade hope its worth it).

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    Quote Originally Posted by allanstewart_9963149 View Post
    When will this award be enabled ? We have held the city for over a week and have not gotten the reward Will we be compensated for the time we have not received our guild benefits ??

    Darkwood from iDeadly
    The Chests are being piloted on Beta right now, if you would like to try them out log into your Beta Server account and take it for a test drive. As far as compensation for the time the City has been held. The game was not designed for us to be this far this fast. I highly doubt that there will be compensation for missed chests.

    Who knows they might throw us a bone and give another one of those Coin/Credit chests they handed out a while back for the Power Outage
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    well...logged into Beta just to ease my curiousity. Too bad there are no lvl 5 guilds on beta to test the +3 buff :P As for the other added features, I am really hoping to see them here soon. The fix for all the bad saint bonuses would be nice. I have some as well as many others that got bad bonuses for sainting. The weekly events are what I really like, and the adding gems to pirates is a plus. If they make these plus all the other changes they have on Beta it should make people a lot happier. If people are curious to what all these changes are, just log into Beta, there are too many to list.

    Darkwood from iDeadly

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