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Thread: Ideal hero formation

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    Quote Originally Posted by habibali493_5397531 View Post
    Well,Klepto is right,but,smoulder is actually useless,he will be worth power if he had 12 stars.Even though cianna is a good stunner,she isn't necessarily a powerful archer,and calvin works good with heroes that have morale
    Smoulder is nerfed even with 12 stars. This is because his damage is 50% of his listed magic attack only.

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    I think the best formation because i play the game is:

    Rhize Queen pen x
    x x x
    Herja Shayd main

    That is a good formation for your quests

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    that is hot true his damage is 64%

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    Could someone please help me out with a formation to get me past the dragon alter boss aka dragon spirit guardian. I cannot access any of the bosses in death sands I am stuck and need to start getting judgement equipment now.

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    [QUOTE=dishrags_7007338;15593]Just interested as to what everyone thinks the best possible hero combination/formation is.

    Obviously different formations work for different situations and sanctification luck makes a huge difference, but if we're considering the strongest setup for Rag (runes/sancts being equal) - what would you pick?

    I've had a think about it and the best I can come up with is:

    Shayd - Cianna - Leader

    Empty - Bloodstorm - Saffron

    Empty - Empty - Empty

    Edit:What abot for beginers

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    I would like advice on getting past Pursuer...I've been stuck on him THREE MONTHS and can't get better than 50% damage!
    My main is an Archer; currently I have Queen Brynhildr, Smoulder, Rhize and Maria with General Mulan as sub.


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    Here is a link to formations that may help you defeat your boss.

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    I prefer to use maria in my rags form due to the fact it makes me last longer. this would be an optimal form for me for rags...

    leader blank blank
    blank maria adamanti
    Ezekiel general alcibeades blank 1st sub King Theseus 2nd sub ghengis khan

    more damage to more heroes eeems to be more ffective when facing multiple players. also I lik ethe adam hit first because he kills lots of the smaller players reducing possible damage. maria second because the heals are crucial and if you wait till the last hit to heal you may not get a chance if your killing off everyone in 1-4 shots.

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