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    I just need to go ahead and say this and get it over with i love the game i find myself wanting to play more and more... but you guys have got to stop freaking making new servers and fix the ones you already have!! I run into more glitches and problems in just one sever then i have in any other game. there is constantly something happening some kind of bs and stop blaming the disconnection to the server on the internet! it has nothing to do with problems connecting to your server! if it did then every other program or game or anything that i use would also have the same problem but it does not. and you still owe me cred exp coin and everything for beating molten naga boss that i emailed yall a month ago about and still have not got a reply to. other then the above issues great game and i intend on playing for awhile if yall will let me back into my program!!

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    I know what u mean i am having disconnection issues and cerberua and Baal will not load correctly shows all players but 1 with 0 damage dealt. I have to refresh 15 to 30 times before i can get anywhere, also i have gear to get material for and can't it won't auto on that and everytime i do the rune temple it disconnects.... I like this game too but really too many bugs and me and another guild member have lost the 1st part of the 5 gems on saturdays. I am getting fed up to the point to just say good bye and go to wartunes where they will close down the website to fix issues or to do upgrades and patches.. Also all this stuff tynon has added it looks alot like wartunes.... They need to get their acts together and fix the game or i am gone...

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