Epitome of Server 65 is looking for new members. Server 65 is an Eastern Based server, our guild has members on at varying times of the day and we currently boast some of the most high powered players on the server.

We are looking for additional members or players who are interested in coming over to Server 65 to play who need a good home.

Your Benefits:
Guildwars Loot!
Guild is currently level 2 working its way to level 3 once we have collected the additional amount needed for level 3.

Caribbean Pirates!
Enjoy the relative safety of being able to make it across the bay 80% of the time! 80% of the time we make it 100% of the time! (Points to those who recognize the reference lol.)

Take note that you will be playing with experienced players from across all servers, we have a lot of knowledge combined (but not enough to summon captain planet XD.)

What We Ask Of You:
Come Online Everyday:
Even if you can only be online long enough to Contribute to the Guild by doing your daily investment, everyday of course. Keep in mind not only do you help the guild but you help YOURSELF because the more contributions you build the more Guild Chests you will be able to buy, based on the level of our guild, and those chests contain all kinds of loot!

Don't Disappear:
Everyone has a life we understand this, if you are gone for 1 day we'll assume something came up, if you are gone for 2 days we will assume you might be too busy to play, if you are gone for 3 days we will assume you have quit the game and you will be removed from the guild if you have not notified the Host of Vice Host of how long you expect to be gone.

In closing if you come to Server 65 I hope you choose to join Water Realm and if you make it that far we would be glad to have you in Epitome!