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Thread: Guide to the Labyrinth - Relocated

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    Post Guide to the Labyrinth - Relocated

    This is work in progress. Because of the limitation on the size of a single post I had to relocated to a new tread. There is good discussion posts on the original tread that you may want to read. This is a link to it Depending on your VIP level and if your Guild has The Last Hope city you can do up to 5 Labyrinth runs a day. The cost for each runs is as follows:

    1st Lab - 30 Stamina
    2nd Lab - 60 Stamina
    3rd Lab - 60 Stamina + 10 Gems
    4th Lab - 60 Stamina + 20 Gems
    5th Lab - 60 Stamina + 40 Gems

    If you want to make 700 score in the Labyrinth you have to be lucky. It is the only way. These are some hints that can help you:
    1. Remember that your primary object is to reach the End tile with enough power to beat the Guardian so that you can fight any extra Monsters that you have earned but you will still get the rewards that you have earned based on points. They are listed on the left side of the Labyrinth screen.
    2. If you are not going to be able to end with at least 500 points, including the 50 from the Guardian, then you need to decide what rewards you want. You do get the point level rewards even if you do not get to the end and beat the Guardian, so as long as you get 500 points you will get a token. If you do end with less that 500 points you get regular rewards and get to fight one extra monster but will not get a token unless it drops from the extra monster. Therefore you could go after some tiles that will insure 500 points, without the 50 from the guardian even though you will not be able to finish. This will usually happen only if you will have to go over some dead tiles to get to the End.
    3. Always be aware of how many moves it will take to get to the end. If you have fewer that 4 moves to spare do not go to a Destiny tile. You could get a block or loose 4 moves.
    4. It is best to clear the tiles away from the end first and move towards the end. If you have 11 moves left but are 8 moves from the end a bad Destiny will leave you without enough moves to finish, but if you are 5 moves away you can still take a safe chance.
    5. The Discount tile is worth 20 points if you but something bit only 5 if you do not. I have found that you can get better discounts at the Fair if you are patient so I rarely use them if I can help it.
    6. The initial screen says that the shuffle is worth 5 points but the final screen says 10 points but that is wrong. All you get is 5 points. You need to decide what you priorities are. If you are trying to play without buying Gems then you may want to use it to get level 1 jewels and an blue medals.
    7. Teleport is a two edge sword. It gives you 5 points in addition to what the tile that you land on is worth, but you have no control where the tile is or what kind of tile it is. The further along you are in the Labyrinth, the more likely that you will end up at a location where you will have to waste moves using dead tiles or not have enough moves left to make it to the End. You could also end up at the final tile and fight the Guardian when you still have a lot of moves left.
    8. Always be aware what is 3 moves back before you go to an Old Dreams tile. It is 3 moves back counting the move into that tile. Remember that when Destiny gives you a blocked tile it still counts as a move but any 'dead' (previously used) tiles that you moved into or tiles that you skip do not count.
      In my experience the number that you guess, the questions asked, and the items in the Shuffle change. What Destiny and the Wizard gives you, the two items in Discount, the tile you are teleported to, and the result of Transformation remain the same. Note that if you use the Old Dreams tile when there are less than 3 tiles back to the tile that you entered the Labyrinth on you get that first tile. Also note that when you use the Teleport tile both it and the tile you land on count towards the 3 moves back.
    9. The bomb is 20 points but since you will need to move to an 'dead' tile it is not a good move unless you know that the tile that you plan to exit to is a tile you want to avoid or it is a 5 points tile. The other time that you want to go to a bomb is if you got a double on the tile before the one with the bomb since that will give you 40 points. If you use the Bomb on the tile before the End tile it does not destroy it so you can still attack the Guardian.
    10. Do not move to a tile if you are going to be corned and you do not know what the exit tile is going to be. By corned I mean that when you move to a tile there will be only one safe tile after that.
    11. Do not forget to use your free Power refill by clicking on the "+" next to "Recover:" (click on the picture to enlarge).
      Tynon Lab Recover.jpg
    12. Do not enter a 'flaming pot' tile unless you need an energy recharge. It is only 5 points. Remember that energy does not recharge to fight the Guardian. Use your free Energy refill is you still have it before entering the End tile.
    13. Go not enter a destiny tile if you do not have another good route from the tile you are in. You could get a block.
    14. The Sorcerer tile is 5 to 20 points so it may be a good gamble but you can you loose 1/2 your Power. Do not use it if you will not have enough Power to get to 'flaming pot' safely and already used the free power refill.
    15. Unless it violates one of the above, specially rule 1, use the Destiny and Double/Half tiles. Like I said before, the only way to get 700 is to be lucky.
    16. When using Transformation the tile that is affected by the half or double is the next 'active' tile that you go to. Any 'dead' or skipped tiles that you go though do not count. this is the same as it is with Old Dreams.
    17. Take reasonable chances on the guess a number tile. Do not always try to cut it in 1/2. If you are lucky you have a much better chance of getting 30 points out of it. I always start with 200. In case you have not noticed the number range is 1 to 500 but you can put in any number up to 999 and you do get any warning if it is over 500.
    18. Always use the Questions tile, it is a guaranteed 20 points (30 points in Normal mode and 40 in hard mode). All the answers are at Bookmark this web page and open it on a new tab when you need it.
    19. Try to save your free skip and change until the last tile. Transport or destiny (go back or loose moves) can keep you from being able to enter the End tile. If you still have both then first use the free Change to see i you get something better and if you do not then use the free skip.

    Another thing that you can do if the points that you will get from the last tile plus the 50 points from beating the Guardian does not get you the next extra monster is to change the last tile to see if you get Transformation and then a double. That will give you 100 points you beating the Guardian and an extra monster to fight. If the last tile is a monster fight and you need between 61 and 70 points to get the next monster before entering the last tile it is better to take a chance on getting the Pit that changing it and hoping for Transformation and then Double.
    In any case, do not change the last tile from something other that Transport or Destiny if you do not still have the free skip. It could change to one of those.

    Sometimes you miscalculate and end up with not enough moves to make it to the end. Do not despair. Try to use any Destiny tiles that you can get to. You could get lucky and get more moves. Another thing that you can do is use Transport tile. You could end up closer to the End tile of even on the End tile itself.

    Sometimes the Sorcerer gives you 'a 5% bonus' (either increase or decrease) on a random attribute. When that happens an icon representing the attribute that you received the bonus on appears in one of the Performance boxes with a count down timer. When the timer expires you no longer get the increase or reduction that the bonus gave you.

    Tynon Lab Random1.jpg

    On this section of the screen there are also 4 stars under the Assessment heading. They represent the number of extra monsters that you will be fighting. Remember that the points earned when fighting the Guardian also count towards the number of extra monsters so you may see only one star before fighting him but two after you beat him. You start with one star so as long as you finish you always get the first extra monster. You get the second one with 600 point, the third one with 700 points and the forth one with 800 points.

    Once you made 700 points the next mode (Normal or Hard) of the Ancient Tomb, level 1. Also the first time that you get 700 points on the Ancient Tomb, level 1 the Ancient Tomb level 2 Easy mode opens up. The monsters in Level 2 are incredibly strong even in Easy mode.

    For more detail on the strength of the monsters see Part 2 of the Guide.

    If you fail to defeat the extra Monsters you have to continue to fight them until you defeat all of them or you click on Abandon instead of Reenter when going into the Labyrinth.

    If you have not completed the Labyrinth at midnight it will not be reset and you can reenter is and continue from where you were before midnight. Once you either complete it of abandon it you will still get all the plays that you are entitled to for a day.
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    Post Guide to the Labyrinth - Part 2

    My memory is not what it used to be (comes with old age) so I use a black (or other color that stands out like purple) fine point (not the chiseled end kind) dry erase marker to label the Wizard, Destiny, Bomb, Transport, Old Dreams (with a 3), Shuffle (with a C), Discount (with a G), Questions (with a ?), Guess a number (with an N), and the Double/Half (with an H) tiles on the screen as I find them. This helps me plan my route when I am backtracking through maze. If the dry erase marker does not work on your monitor screen (it does not on my Alianware laptop) you can get a screen protector for an iPad and put it on the section of the screen where the Lab tiles are. That is what I do.

    Another thing that you need to be aware of is that once you have entered the Labyrinth any changes in formation, runes, or equipment will not be reflected within the Labyrinth until after you fight the Guardian so make sure that your formation is the one that you want before entering. Changes that you make before you fight the extra Monsters do take effect for the fight.

    Strategies for when you are weak

    When you are starting or when you go to a new level on the Labyrinth you may not be strong enough to survive the trip and still get 500 points for the first set of rewards. As long as you are strong enough at full power to beat the Guardian and the first extra Monster if you make it across you still get to fight the first extra Monster. In this case your goal is to make it across without using your free power refill and not to get points. Here are some things that can help you.

    1. The only reason to go to the higher levels is to get better drops. Unless you can beat at least the 3rd additional Boss and get the 700 points to get him it is not worth it. You are better off staying in the lower level were you can beat all the extra bosses even if you no longer need the plans that may drop at the lower level. Those plans only drop from the 3rd extra boss and the drops are very rare.
    2. If possible plan your route so you go from Flaming Pot to Flaming Pot on one side.
    3. Use as many non monster attack tiles as you can but be careful when you use Transport or the Sorcerer. Use transport if you are still a fair distance from the end. Use the Sorcerer if you can make it to a pot. Since you are rushing to the end, loosing moves in Destiny is not as important.
    4. If you fall into a pit, exit the Labyrinth and go do something else for 10 minutes. When the 10 minutes are up, go back in and Escape. You still get the 20 points
    5. If you are at one of the Flaming Pots that are close to the End and still have enough stamina and have already used the free recharge, do not recharge. Instead start a path from the Pot to the End tile for as long as you an get back to the Pot and still make it from there to the End tile. Then retrace your steps to the pot and then back towards the End. This will make sure that you fight the Guardian with as much power as possible.
    6. Remember use your free Recharge before entering the End tile.
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    Post Guide to the Labyrinth - Part 3 - Level Differences

    Differences in the Labyrinth levels

    The there are two obvious differences on the various levels of the Labyrinth, the plans that the 3rd and 4th extra monsters drop and the strength of all the monsters that you fight. There are also some differences that are not so obvious. Here are some of them (note that the level of the Labyrinth does not affect this):

    Easy - more 10pt tiles than 20
    Normal - even number of both
    Hard - more 20pt tiles than 10

    Easy - 2 questions, 20pts
    Normal - 3 questions, 30pts
    Hard - 4 questions, 40pts

    Easy - more positive Destinies
    Normal - mixed Destinies
    Hard - more negative Destinies

    Easy - more Double transformations
    Normal - even number
    Hard - More 1/2 transformations

    Plan Drops

    Level 1 easy is Hopebringer
    Level 1 normal is Champion
    Level 1 hard is Guardian
    Level 2 easy is Ironhart
    Level 2 normal is Lightbringer
    Level 2 hard is Justice
    Level 3 easy is Judgement
    Level 3 normal and hard are both Sirius

    Monster Strength

    The following information was compiled by BJL24_8379439 and posted on the original tread. Herby and other have contributed additional data that I have added as available.

    Level 1 Easy
    Easy Monster: 8K power
    Hard Monster: 63K power
    End of labyrinth: 14K power
    1st bonus boss: 17 K power
    2nd bonus boss 34 K power
    3rd bonus boss 45 K power
    4th bonus boss 1,? M Power

    I think labyrinth at level 1 Normal should not be entered till you got 3-4M power.

    Level 1 Normal
    Easy Monster: 239.882 power
    Hard Monster: 889 K power
    End of labyrinth: 1.337.511 power
    1st bonus boss: 2.014.794 power
    2nd bonus boss: 3.395.324 power
    3rd bonus boss: 4.382.064 power
    4th bonus boss 10,4 M power - I could first kill it when I got 3,5M power

    I think labyrinth at level 1 hard should not be entered till you got at least 5-6M power.
    Maybe player should wait till they got like 10m power to do this level.

    Level 1 Hard
    Easy Monster: 859,882K power
    Hard Monster: 4,825,061 power
    End of labyrinth: 4,428,688 power
    1st bonus boss 8,204,272 Power
    2nd bonus boss 14,921,126 Power
    3rd bonus boss 19,377,057 Power
    4th bonus boss 38,770,041 Power

    level 2 Easy
    Easy Monster: 2M power
    Hard Monster: 4,8m 1 magic monster
    End of labyrinth: 12,320,941 power
    1st bonus boss 14,711,191 Power
    2nd bonus boss 24,423,088 Power
    3rd bonus boss 29,814,480 Power
    4th bonus boss 55,167,383 Power

    level 2 Normal
    Easy Monster: 4,887,192 power
    Hard Monster: 15,914,737 power
    End of labyrinth: 28,959,825 power
    1st bonus boss: 39,467,350 power
    2nd bonus boss: 62,956,986 power
    3rd bonus boss: 68,925,946 power
    4th bonus boss: 133,644,339 power

    level 2 Hard
    Easy Monster: 10m power
    Hard Monster: 47m power
    End of labyrinth: 49,435,992 power
    1st bonus boss 81,842,407 power
    2nd bonus boss 128,354,326 power
    3rd bonus boss 158,369,388 power
    4th bonus boss: 309,809,933 power

    Minos Taurus's shuffle choices were 3x level 5 chips and 2x level 4s.

    Level 3 Easy
    Easy Monster: 17,923,529 power
    Hard Monster: 32,648,095 power
    End of labyrinth: 91,918,978 power
    1st bonus boss 104,960,913 power
    2nd bonus boss 157,746,855 power
    3rd bonus boss 178,023,411 power
    4th bonus boss: 302,327,896 power

    Level 3 Normal
    Easy Monster: 28,988,333 power
    Hard Monster: 79,408,248 power
    End of labyrinth: 142,660,325 power
    1st bonus boss 1,389,590,030 power
    2nd bonus boss 362,763,972 power
    3rd bonus boss 365,129,039 power
    4th bonus boss: 605,131,837 power (uses a substitute)

    The 10pt monster, and all bosses start the match with full morale bars.

    Formation for extra monsters provided by kaisim_2492829
    xxx maria pomp
    herja main xxx
    xxx xxx lance
    sub pent (replaces main, khan works great too)
    works like a charm. i have to sometimes do it a couple times when pomp gets killed early

    Level 3 Hard
    Easy Monster: 41,716,619 power
    Hard Monster: 177,939,327 power
    End of labyrinth: 115,867,909 power
    1st bonus boss 402,941,858 power
    2nd bonus boss 625,230,344 power
    3rd bonus boss 794,903,191 power
    4th bonus boss: 1,230,119,564 power

    Formation for extra monsters provided bu Herby
    Adam Maria Aphro
    KT Main x
    x x x
    Subs are Ezekiel and Rhize.

    Goes all the way up to Minos in Level 3 Hard w/o a sweat.
    Minos Taurus is a killer in Level 3 Hard.
    There are 3 subs.
    The two Guardians start out with full morale bars.
    Minos Taurus herself dishes out between 60-90k of magic damage.

    On all levels

    If you kill 3rd bonus boss you have approximately 5% chance of getting a plan.

    If you kill 4th bonus boss you have approximately 10% chance of getting a plan.

    1) Save lab. token for higher level plans plans that what you can get in drops specially if the higher level plan will give you a set of six for a Hero.
    2) Do level 1 easy till you got 5 hope plans.
    3) Don't enter a level where you can't kill 3rd bonus boss.
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    Post Guide to the Labyrinth - Useful Link

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    Guide to the Labyrinth - Part 5

    Reserved for expansion.
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    How many points do u need to fight the next monster?

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    the numbers are obviously out of date, the regular enemies in the labyrinth have 14k power, not the final boss guy.

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    Good stuff. Old Dreams will remember what happened on Transform tiles.

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    Level 1 Hard can be finished up to the 3rd bonus boss by someone with 10m power, with the correct formation and technique.

    Let me add Level 1 Hard monster information:

    Level 1 Hard
    Easy Monster: 859,882K power
    Hard Monster: 4,825,061 power
    End of labyrinth: 4,469,790 power
    1st bonus boss 8,280,909 Power
    2nd bonus boss 15,036,160 Power
    3rd bonus boss 19,531,608 Power
    4th bonus boss ?? M Power

    I'm hoping the spirit plans drop more often though. I've had over 10 700+ Act 1 Hard runs and haven't gotten any Guardian Spirit Plan yet.

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    I was able to start getting plans from level 1 hard at 7mill power.
    Currently at 11-12mil power and I can kill the 3rd extra boss on level 2 easy for the ironheart heart plans (need 3 more), but at 55mil power I can't kill the 4th extra boss from the 800 score.

    Herby I think level 1 hard 4th extra is around 35mil, but its been a while since i've done hard.

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