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Thread: Guild War Recovery Bug

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    Guild War Recovery Bug

    Had a Guild War today on 42. Marched A from B, was defeated, but recovered at B and hit them again. Don't know what caused it, but it made the defense much easier. Probably should look at that.

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    Glitch Wars... I mean Guild Wars has been glitched like this and in other ways for weeks on server 17 too. People dying and not returning to camp to recover, people not healing at camp or at D, people moving from A to G directly...
    Tickets put in on my side. Put a ticket in with billing support if you want it looked into. And it's a weekend, so devs are off til Monday. So....
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    Same thing happened with me on my server today, we were defending, attacked from B was told I died and instead of going to G I went back to B instant recovered and was able to attack A again, this happened several times and then when I was finally sent to G to recover it allowed me to attack A directly once my recovery was complete.
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    Glitch Wars indeed

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