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Thread: Golden Chests: Level 1 Chips

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    Golden Chests: Level 1 Chips

    Having Level 1 chips in the Golden Chest is a freaking joke. I can see lvl2, but lvl1 chips aren't worth the cost of admission for that. Please change it.

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    Lightbringer Greenly's Avatar
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    Jun 2013
    i gotta agree, the lvl1 chips isnt worthy of 100 contributions.

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    agreed. and map pieces should only be in the silver chests as well

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    Jul 2013
    Agreed on both level 1 chips and map pieces. I don't want a map piece from 100 contribution, I want something more tangibly useful.

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    Judgment Revan's Avatar
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    May 2013
    I'm cool with the map pieces but the lvl 1 chips gotta go.

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    Aug 2013
    well its a gamble i allrdy got 2x lvl 1 chip but its not gonna change

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    Just adding my two cents here; I agree it is unfortunate when I happen to get a level 1 Gem Chip out of the Guild Treasure Chest however, this game is all about chance. I like that I am gambling, in a sense, my 100 contributions. Sometimes it feels like I'm playing the Lottery, now it would be nice if they took out all the losing numbers, that I didn't pick, but where would the sense of excitement go if I got what I expected every time I opened a chest? It would turn into a sense of entitlement, what would happen to that sense of dread that makes winning something awesome feel even sweeter?

    Don't get me wrong the majority of us pay to play this game so it is nice to get something back when we do get it. I think the chests are fine the way there are now, if they remove the things that take the "gamble" out of the chests well, where would the fun be in that. Besides I think they have more pressing matters they need to focus on
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    Here's a thought.
    If you compare the contents of silver chests to gold chests you notice something. Everything is proportional. you get more coins and credits, experience,stamina,rep,and medals from a gold chest versus a silver chest. That makes sense Gold chests cost double silver chests. SO you get double the coins,credits and experience. YOu get more stamina medals, and rep from a gold versus a silver. But Gems,maps,and level 1 chips are equal. Which Is NICE. but not proportional. You should get more gems from a gold chest then a silver chest. You can get level 2 and 3 chips from gold but only level 1 from silver.

    In short a gold chests should be better then a silver chest.

    However the 3 things you can get in a gold, Level 1 chips, maps, and gems are not proportional to silver chests. The gems should be doubled in Gold, the level 1 chips and maps should be removed.

    It is still a 'gamble' because a level 2 chip is still not that great for a 100 contributions and is definitely not worth it. Not eveyone likes the rep,coins,credits,exp form the chests. I personally only want Stamina,Cards, and gems. SO getting the other things is enough of a gamble to me. If they dont remove level 1 chips from gold chests, they should at least give you more than 1. The Map should be an ANY map if you get it from Gold chests. SO you can use it as a right or a left. There should be added value from the gold chests. And with the map, level 1 chip and gems there is not.

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    Judgment Revan's Avatar
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    May 2013
    I suppose they could remove the map from the silver chests since people are complaining that it is in both.

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    idk.. you're willing to gamble wth your contribution so its only logical there will be ****ty rewards too.
    Tho i am quite bummed when i just get a lvl 1 gem, still.. idc that much if i get the chance to get something good.

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