Here are the latest changes to Tynon:


Blacksmith & Talent Queue
Cool down time has been significantly reduced.

Player Power Levels
Changes were made to the power mechanism which will change power ratings for players.

Equipment Upgrades
Gem cost of instant upgrades (conjure) has been added to a confirmation pop up.

Bug Fixes

Guild Warfare
Fixed a bug related to player revival.

Caribbean Pirates
Fixed a bug that only gave half the gem rewards on High Seas Saturday related to players who have a level 6 Guild

Guild Chest
A bug that caused players to only get half the value of gold coins won has been fixed.

The bug related to the Mount quest has been fixed.

World Bosses
The bug that caused players to not receive their rewards after the battle has been fixed.

Dungeon Rewards
A bug that caused players to miss the "Cleared Dungeon" rewards has been fixed.

May your sword be true!
Tynon Dev Team

So what do you guys think of the new updates?