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Thread: Feedback Requested: Cross-Realm Arena and Guild Warfare

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    This will work on new servers but it will pretty much finish off old servers and here's why.
    Old servers have a severe shortage of players. A guild in say, water realm, depends on the coins/credits from arena since they are so limited on players the can fight. If you take away their arena, they go from 1st place to 12th..18th.. possibly lower... there is no incentive for them to stay any longer. It will all but close down servers that are struggling just to keep what few people are there. As bad as it is now, most old servers have had top players join in the same guilds and having 1 server will mean 1 guild pretty much now dominates the game and even those that can be in the top will just be feed for the others. Again, whos going to stay for that and who will want to start over with a new server after months of time they put into the game. As far as guild war goes, old servers only have 1 guild per realm (most of those don't even have full guilds) and they have been forced to create alt guilds just to have an guild war. Perhaps instead of creating new servers every other day, it might be helpful to wait until a server actually has players that can maintain one server or even merge servers. I'm fairly certain servers 1-50 right now could be merged and still have room for more players.

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    As I have said several times the problem is that the game allows 'super' Guilds to be formed. If the game would somehow limit the number of top players or the power of a guild it would force the formation of more that one guild that could compete in Guild wars. It is probably too late to do this because of braking up the guilds now will probably cause a lot of players to leave since one of the reasons they are staying is the interaction they have with their fellow guild members in the chat.

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