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Thread: Feedback Requested: Cross-Realm Arena and Guild Warfare

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    In your mind
    I for one would love a new challenge and the idea of an arena where the prizes are better and the top can fight, even if it would be a weekly event.
    To be far though, it would be interesting to do it for all power levels as the top already gets many advantages.

    I would also be very happy with a weekly arena shuffle though, just to make it more interesting. But then I think the moving should be reinstated like it used to be; one place at a time so you can actually get to stakes you want.

    I would support the idea Villainx has posted. It would also gives lower powered players acces to the top 3 in arena for realm and help them grow more. I would like to be able to have the option to be in one or the other at certain times.

    Instead of changing guildwars, I would love to see Realm wars as an event. This will keep the difference between realms alive and would be interesting as not only power but also strategy and politics could play a factor.
    One could make an alliance with a certain realm for instance. I think it is good to keep this seperate from the already existing guildwars, but could also apply to cities (or even countries ).
    The prizes could contain objects as gems, heroes, spiritplans dependent on gear already in place - or - buffs such as garanteed succesfull sail (by protection buff once a day), Stamina bonus once a day, double pvp loot gain once a day, double frags once a day.

    It could be interesting to change GW, but I think it would be unfair to take away the already existing buffs.

    Other feedback:

    - Please reconsider the costs of the lvl4 gem removal. I feel it is ridiculous to put that in place, it is way to high.
    - Please give the option to search for players by name in rankings
    - Please add option to change name of the guild.
    - Please add at least ONE new hero.
    - Please make more lvl 60 runes (or lvl 80 ones)
    - Please consider a way to make carib more accesible for lower powered players or add an extra feature on assistant so one can make 100 if not done banish and sail. This hurts the smaller players most and makes getting a full assistant nearly impossible on the newer servers where one guild rules and others can't grow to generate some real competition due to the banish hours and sail failures. Only addition needed is an extra fight count to make it to 100.
    - Please consider resets on saint to be specific, so you don't have to reset all, but can chose to remove 1 saint.
    - Please consider adding sidequests to keep the game from being too repetitive and players getting bored and quitting.
    EDIT:- Please do something about the fact that stars are taken away when medals fail. Fail percentage is really high and then when stars are taken it is a slap in the face.

    , ty for asking feedback!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba87 View Post
    ~Finally fix WB last hit, people still have all different kind of timers.
    ~Fix the rep cost for higher titles, its RIDICULOUS.
    Elaborate on your definition of "Fix" for these two items, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    We haven't committed to anything at this point, so I can't answer specific questions. If you have suggestions, please make them!

    I like the idea of 2 arenas, but that may not be workable.

    Guild Warfare changes might include collapsing the bonuses so that more guilds could acquire them. For example, instead of needing to hold 5 cities to get 100% increase reputation gain, you would only be able to hold a single level 3 city, and that city would give you 100%. Same with 1 level 4 city to get 150% more coins. Just possibilities.
    Lets play this scenarios out. Each level 3 city gives 100 rep bonus each level 4 gives 150% bonus etc etc. There are only 5 level 3s 3 level 4s 1 of eahc other.

    Server 1 will die in 2 weeks. Because here is how it would play out with in 2 weeks one guild - probably water realm warlords will hold every city. They will have 500% rep bonus and you will have within 30 days of this implementation about 40 players at general - demanding where the new heroes are. That same guild will have 450% coins and credits bonus. SO they will have all their runes to level 10 in about 2 weeks. Then that guild will have the level 5 and 6 city. That guild will probably absorb the top 10 or so players not in that guild already. Then there is nothing left for the other players. They have no chance of catching up. BORING BORING BORING
    This would be even more boring then what we have now.

    You had a great plan when this all started! Dont mess with it. Half the changes that have been made do not make the game better in the opinion of a lot of players. Add new content dont change existing content.

    If you look through the forums many people have been asking for a SECOND SERVER WIDE arena - not the merging of the arenas.

    Many of us said when the change to GWF was announced for server 11+ that we did not like the idea.

    So please dont change what we already have, give us new content. Make a second server wide arena with separate rewards
    Add new server wide cities to compete for in GWF with special buffs
    ideas for special buffs
    NL bonus
    regenerate stamina faster
    free stamina - some amount per day
    reduced cool downs
    Im sure we could come up with more

    BUt if server 1 gets only 1 server wide arena and gwf is changed to be like servers 11+ I will probably quit playing and I don't think I would be the only one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattp169 View Post
    Add new content dont change existing content.
    This guy...
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    I think possibly a cross realm arena is a good idea as long as it remains an optional choice if players want it, however if they prefer to they could remain in a realm arena. The danger is big players " farming" the small for their gems. At least the realm barriers do stop that from happening.

    One possible solution is an "Arena Day". An event where you have to fight your way to the top of the arena to win a nice prize.

    As for removing the barriers on certain servers for GWs. I got to say I would be against this. Currently there is at least 5 top guilds on the first 10 servers which allows for a bit of competition in pirates. Having cross-realm GWs would quickly evolve in to one all-powerful guild holding all the cities and doing practically all the sails.

    I would vote to leave Guild Wars as it is.
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    I like the arena idea! It would be more fun and competitive. But the GW thing I don't like. Maybe we are just set in our ways to much, but the idea of us all fighting for the same cities just doesn't appeal to me.

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    YAY server wide GW!! lets create 1 uber guild per server...
    who actually comes up with these ideas?
    It has to be your competition cos they are game killing ideas.
    Server 1, i tell you what lets put the top 80 into 1 guild and see how long server lasts.

    To summarize what was said in earlier comment,

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Stop fkin with game so far in where people already planned it all and you go messing it up with another killer idea

    If you wanted to try out things, beta shoulda been longer, now we are live and you decide to change things up?

    Colonel upkeep 1200 to 5k
    World Boss last hit.. From skill to oh its you today
    No more coining for sails
    The reduced cooldown times, just because the lilguy whine all the time dont mean you should bow down to their every demand, so you want to balance the game out? shoulda thought about that before you made insanely high prices that only few could obtain. << I am one of the few and not a small guy whining about the big guys.

    Why dont you take peoples ideas on board and change the things the customers think are wrong?

    Why are you addressing the few things that actually work in the game, until you decide to do a patch of course then it dont work for 2 nights.

    Why dont we get patch notes BEFORE the patch? do you use a RNG on the coding and have to see how it turns out before you can tell us?

    Gem cost to remove level 4s, Chance of Successful stars, Sainting or actually being able to obtain a saint card, the actual price to upgrade gear and talents rather than time, % of 1k gems and LCs in arena really been upped?

    How about some nagging Questions that have been Asked numerous times when the answer is work it out?
    How is your skill attack calculated? PA and SA together? SAxStars? Random mass of numbers thrown in a pot and a fairy picks one?

    So many things have been asked and the one thing we didnt ask for you want to do?

    Server arena sounds good tho, guessing rewards be x5 of original tho?
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    My feedback is leave it as is - the +11 servers should never have been changed as noticed by the amount (or lack thereof) of players that leave within the first three weeks. I do not want server one, where I have spent the most money, changing. I will leave the game completely if it does change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klepto View Post
    Elaborate on your definition of "Fix" for these two items, please.
    WB last hit: Pretty simple, for some people they get the 1minute timer, others are getting the remainder of their regular timer, meaning 1minute from when their last fight started NOT 1 minute from when Rage mode starts, as is suppose to be

    Fix Rep: 10,000 daily upkeep for general...? Really? Without coining for rep in the fair, how do they see this as a feasible rep daily upkeep? Granted there is not any title above this, and as far as we know there are no demotions, but still play this out. Since arena rep is capped at 100, you get lucky and use your 10 attacks/revenges and each person gives you 8 rep, now you're up to 180. That leaves you 9820, meaning you need to get almost 3275 per event (WBx2 and Rag)...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba87 View Post
    WB last hit: Pretty simple, for some people they get the 1minute timer, others are getting the remainder of their regular timer, meaning 1minute from when their last fight started NOT 1 minute from when Rage mode starts, as is suppose to be
    To add to that note, this isn't a "fix" per se', but you can actually tick the timer back to the rage mode countdown by leaving banish then entering right back in. Be warned though, in doing this you take a chance at missing the rage ending as you aren't sure where the timer is for rage mode... So as I said, it's not a fix, but sometimes can be used to get you back into the drawing for 10m.
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