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    Thumbs up Leader cards

    So I just reached level 90, and am saint2. Have had 2 leader cards FAIL at 80% chance of success. Have realm transferred hunting for another leader card, only to have it not show up in my bracket ever. With the rarity of the leader cards, their success chances should be increased...I am very dissapointed to reach level 90 and only be saint lvl 2..I have paid my fair share of $$$ and happily played, but I feel like having the main hero lvl up should be a given, not a chance system. Very Unhappy at the outcome.

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    Hence why there is an option to spend 100 gems to retain card, USE IT

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    I think, that leader cards should have a better success rate then normal heroes, since they are so hard to come buy, and cost more then others. That or make them more available. The only way to get one is arena - which happens close to never, level reward packs, Guild chest- which happens less then arena, and paying 150 tokens in lab shop.

    Its one thing to fail Adam 3 time sin a row at 80%. You can get more adam cards with spirits. But leader cards are not available in tavern. So either make them more available, or improve their success rate higher then a normal hero.

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    sever 23 is mnore worst even saint one cards donot work all my toon are mortal and iam level 120 blade master

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