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Thread: please fix GW on Server 23

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    please fix GW on Server 23

    GW is extremely bugged no server 23. below is a list of the issues:
    Moves are not happening when clicked
    When a city is attacked, there is no log showing of the battle. if it does show, it happens 1-3 moves later.
    Log is showing double kills of the same person in a battle.
    Log is showing a person killed in battle but they remain alive
    Base city is not showing afk players
    Random recovery periods happening (ie; attackers re-spawning at B)

    Please fix a.s.a.p.

    Blingchingy (Hellborn)

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    same problems in server 25

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    same problem happening on 71

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    Use the Support tab in the game Chat to open a ticket. Make sure you include the server and your game name in that server in the information provided. Be as specific as possible including the approximate date and server time when it happen. If you have any evidence, such as screen captures, attach it to the ticket.
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    Also server 71 - think they did fix many of the probs with gw's (now who you put in battle planning is actually there -afks esp) but there was a major lag experience last few nights in gw's - maybe due to the recent work they were doing? guess tonight will tell for sure. (the bad lag from last 3 days does seem to be way better)

    Hi Fern *waves*

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