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Thread: Beta Test Feedback

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    Beta Test Feedback


    After trying the game on several browsers, I have come to the conclusion that Google Chrome is the best one of them. Firefox updated in the middle of Cerberus tournament today and shut the game down. WAS NOT HAPPY AT ALL.

    Its hard to stop playing, even when life calls you away. I am tynon-addicted, worse than I ever was with evony.

    So much so that I have decided that I am hereby retiring from AGE 1. I have a new game to play, and am glad this game was made.

    I have witnessed many strange glitches, such as the 9% glitch, where the screen gets stuck on "preparing battle - 9%", forcing a browser refresh.

    Chat box disappears during caribbean pirates voyage... and you can hardly see the top or bottom ship at all. clicking them with accuracy is nearly impossible.

    I receive messages saying "Can not reach npc", does that mean i need to do research on logistics? (just kidding)

    Prices for unlocking slots / buying stuff increases daily... why?

    Expensive rune keepers give junk runes? Is that supposed to be? I dunno, but seems like i get better runes from the middle guy.

    Auto navigation runs past gold laying on the ground, would be nice if auto picked up, lmao.

    When being attacked, the attacking players power number mirrors your own power, instead of theirs.

    I believe skill attacks like Willpower are wasted on mages, perhaps target someone that at least has a yellow bar?

    I beg of the developers to make this game downloadable, so that loading the game is easier to do, might ease network congestion as well.

    Buttons for heroic realm, daily gifts and what not are too large and obtrusive, consider making them a little smaller.

    Banish Baal/Cerberus - auto fight you have to click the words, the checkbox does absolutely nothing. and i seem to get booted everytime i first join the event, must refresh and join again, which by then usually 1st place has already done 500k or more damage.

    Being able to save seperate formations for attacking players/enemies, and another for defense. Also want to suggest 1vs1 main hero battle!

    Npcs that talk should have audio as well as the dialogue bubble. sometimes they look like gray stick bubble people...

    Winning Streaks should be displayed in arena only. or add who ended the streak?

    REHeroWhite??? hard to tell them apart during blacksmith upgrades when you have five named exactly the same. suggest heroes rename

    Hero recruitments could be should in the tavern, and plz stop announcing every time someone joins a guild/gets promoted in the guild

    The banner that flashes every time someone wins something blocks other information, in battles, covers special move name. (TOO BIG)

    (will provide further feedback later, thank you devs!)

    Loving This Game,
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    Hi, just a small question:

    When does Beta Tynon end?

    And do gems not purchased (won and earned) get carried over to the Live version?

    I love this game and I love devoting time and effort playing for the Beta.

    Just wondering if any of the effort and time spent here could be transferred of, when the game goes Live?

    As a sort of small compensation and gratuity to all the dedicated Beta players
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    Awesome Game and Definitely enjoy more then Age1 am a convert after 4yrs finally found a game i enjoy as much if not more few suggestions thogh agree to all of the above by Evilside btw but the option to change ur character name and a wiki for tynon would be awesome went to previous tynonwiki but for older version of game not the beta if nothing else i would suggest placing a help menu on the the game itself so players can click it with any questions they may have also The Noble Lady and stamina do they appear at those times based on server time or individual time that has not been specified (assuming server time) one more thng i have myself found the lady and got nothing in turn for it so yea that was so not cool also some information on how to get the hope bringer chestplate and helmet and so on info is key and the players are not getting any at all so it is just blind leading the blind as far as the players helping each other as much as possible

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    The server dies 20-30mins after the Noble Lady quest starts.


    Credits/Coins not updating.

    No other players move except you (sign of a desync)

    Can't refresh. get errors like:

    504 Gateway Time-out

    Tynon gets stuck in loading screen.

    This might be due to all the users logging in for the Noble Lady Quest.

    Btw, are alts allowed in Tynon?

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    Well after the constant down server times with Evony and the having to set the alarm clocks just to farm. I was hoping to find a game more relaxing, where I could have a life.

    Unfortunately won items are not being delivered (won a Championship sword plan along with other items that was never received). So leaves very little incentive to ever invest a dime if prizes are not going to be delivered. Aside from that, the game could have some possibilities. Could really stand to work on the server issue. I never had any problems logging in from any browser with Evony. However, this game I have trouble @ some point with nearly every browser I try and I have 4.

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