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Ok here's an extract from the ToS.

This ToS was agreed to by all of us when we created our accounts. Whether y'all think it's fair or not isn't revelant, we all have to abide by it.
Key words:

"Not required" to provide a refund. But they could.

Not receiving compensation for unused virtual enhancements if your account is closed. Since you can't voluntarily close it, the assumption is it was closed likely due to some fashion of TOS violation. Unused virtual enhancements is just the stuff you bought. There's really no language stating that a refund is not possible.

An "evolving service." That's an interesting one to consider. In the gamer world that would imply additions or changes made in stride in a fully-functioning game. Such as quest expansions, additional events, etc. In the case of Tynon evolving service is that the game is not completed and still full of holes, to the effect that it plays like a Beta. I think the argument is whether it could be considered a finished product, and whether refund mechanisms should be in place because of all the glitches. Using common sense people are getting charged for a product that honest isn't necessarily as advertised. Some glitches, such as the star heist of showing you won some, while actually losing them and additional spending to recover cost people quite a bit of money.

I don't think people would have as much heartache and complaints about the game if everyone understood that they were signing up for a beta. It's all the little things, like the daylight savings error costing guilds cities because of the times for events being scrambled. The guild war glitches which have been around for months. Not getting quest rewards, or sail rewards, or Baal/Cerb rewards. You don't see these in more finished products, and the prices are exorbitant compared to other games, for arguably a poorer product in comparison. Not trying to flame, there's plenty of reviews out there in the MMO field.

Ultimately this is a really random thread. There's no way anyone's getting money back, and everyone knows it. Even if you did, the only way to do it would be get your money back in exchange for your account being killed. Otherwise it just opens the door for people being selectively upset over bad luck. That's what trouble tickets are for. I think there's a case that can be made that within the first week or two a refund might be possible, but if you've been around long enough to see how poor the product is, yet continue to spend anyways you gotta own up to that.