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  • The demoralizing experiences of this game, need to be offset with a refund.

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  • Money should not be refunded, that is true during any beta test.

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Thread: "Money Back Guarantee"

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    Yeah, people are WAY too twitchy about the actual power digit. I just took my kid to school, came back, and dropped 100k power without having touched a thing. And my sail credit was taken off the assistant. Awesome!

    The sail thing is new. But the power number? Meh. Just make sure all your runes and eq are where you left them. The formula for power and the manner in which it is displayed is obviously a fluid thing.

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    I got a little lost in the above discussion, but please remember that the power listed in the Rankings is the highest power that you have ever had. If your current power hoes down because you change formations, runes, etc. the power in Rankings does not go down.

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    As Morgan Stated in this thread, when you play the game you agree to the ToS, clearly states no refunds.

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