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Thread: Runes counter absorbing eachother

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    Runes counter absorbing eachother

    Earlier today on server 75 (Jealous of Hero US-East) at about 9:50am MST (Mountain Standard Time) I placed a level 1 retaliation rune with about 150 experience atop a level 6 Eradicator rune and the eradicator rune stole the retaliation runes power instead. The result I was looking for was reversed on me and the Eradicator rune now has 7950/15360 experience. Now, I'm not exactly a veteran player, but I'm not a total n00b either. I was click leveling runes so fast I didn't waste time reading due to the amount of time it takes to level runes up (Todays rune leveling took over 30mins). Just thought I'd point this out because I lost a rare rune because of what seems to be a glitch of some sort. I know that lesser runes cannot absorb higher quality one's, but these two are of the same quality so there is no excuse. ITS A BUG!!!! KEEEEL IT!

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    How is it a bug? Eradicator and Retaliation are both purple runes. You merged them, so the higher exp rune absorbed the lesser exp rune. Not a bug.
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    It is not possible to merge a "higher" rune into a lowe.

    A higher "color" rune will always consume a lower "color" rune reguardless of XP amounts.

    2 runes of the same color the rune with more XP will always consume the rune with less XP reguardless of what rune is dropped on what.

    The resoult you wanted (the 150 xp Purple relaiation to consume the 7800xp Purple esradicator rune and gain its xp) is simply not possible.

    A rune can only consume a "smaller"/"weaker" rune, a lower collor can always be consumed reguardless of XP amounts, and a same color rune can only be consumed if it has less XP, higer color or more XP runes can never be consumed.

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