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Thread: Patch Notes 6/9/13

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    Patch Notes 6/9/13

    Here are the latest game updates:

    • Heaven Palace is now live! Battle your way through 10 palaces to prove yourself the ultimate champion.
    • Daily Assistant now awards 5 gems for 3rd chest and 5 gems for 4th chest. It used to be 10 gems from the 4th chest only.
    • Fixed a bug with Direct Merge in VIP7.


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    i saw the change with the gems yesterday, it's a nice improvement since the 4th chest is nearly impossible to get. at least now we get some gems, thank you.
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    Awsome yea it was crazy direct merge vip 7 glad its fix
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    well I got the 5 gems on the 4th chest but the 5 gems on the 3rd never showed up

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    thanks for the gems being split between boxes.

    the fight players in the wild event takes me to the revenge list in that list is only players i cannot beat in combat so it's quite pointless to me.
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