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Thread: Is this server specific forum dead?

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    Question Is this server specific forum dead?

    Hi, just took a look in here, and noticed all the posts are old old old. Is there a need for a server specific forum? Topics I can think of:
    1. Heaven's Palace informtion
    2. Caribbean cahoots
    3. .... i really do not know...

    speak up if you are on server 8 and have ideas!

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    no idea...

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    Why not have a 10 min cool down after sailing as strong people just sink the next boat in the water as soon as they finish.This would give the weaker players a chance to make a sail from time to time .

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    It's not that active here, but you could always try right?

    sail cooldown? Meh..

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    Darn auto login stuff.. That was me ^

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