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Thread: many yellow runes lost in white heroes --- new patch

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    my runes are now spread over 80 pages with over 400+ white heroes, plus blues and purples... you couldnt find a better solution to that?

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    the runes are not lost, they are still there. I have checked, and they are there, BUT if you dig them out you have no place to put them as you cannot put heroes in the inn with equipment, or runes on then
    Basic issue:
    Previous rune storage infinite, just get a couple more heroes to add to it.
    current rune storage.
    12xwhatever., and costs tons of credits to open more

    The complete lack of ability to view the heroes in the Inn makes it a GROSSLY Useless place.
    at least before you could view details on each hero.

    ill make the math simple so even the geniuses can understand.
    there are 28+ runes (not counting blues & greens).
    I may want 5 of each.
    how do i manage that with 12 bodies, with 4-5 slots on each?
    even at 8 slots each it doesn't work.
    BTW in order to use the "combine all" i MUST clear the rune area onto bodies ...
    otherwise I'm moving 60 point runes around one at a time trying to build a 7000+ point rune? ... or 15k, or 60k , more?!?!?

    it is totally impossible to manage runes this way.

    Talk about ILL thought out.
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