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Thread: Boonini, MIA ?

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    Unhappy Boonini, MIA ?

    someone help me out here, our buddy boonini of forest realm s11 has up and disapeared and i am worried about him, does anyone know what has happened did he go to a different server? is he dead? does anyone know his name or email?.... dude played 18 hours a day with me and he just vanishes ... weve played for months together and now he doesnt get on......

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    This may surprise you but even players who play for many hours a day eventually grow bored and quit these types of games. Or simply something in their real life prevents them from logging in, anything from work/school/college to a downed internet connection.

    Chances are it's probably nothing and if this Boonini thought more of you I'd have thought he'd contacted you through other means such as Skype or FB. Bottom line is you were just a player in a game to him, in time others will come and go. It's an enriching experience and there will be some who'll eventually become 'cyber' penfriends but most will recede into shadows of the past.

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    boonini is not one to just up and go without saying a word he would tell us if he was gonna stop playing he loved the game and his guildmembers

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