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Thread: Pirates rules/proposal

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattp169 View Post
    lets change it to submarines that randomly submerge and surface and you can not be sunk while submereged
    But at vip 65 you can get depth charges to allow you to sink submerged subs
    and at vip 87 you can get nuclear reactor which lets you do your sail in half the time.

    Then we have npc ships sailing with maps so you can sink them for a map as well.
    but the npcs have to be boats not subs
    oh and then we can have npc airplanes that fly across the screen randomly and sink the highest powered ship on the screen

    Oh and lets just get rid of maps and not limit the number of sails
    if you are attacked you and your partner get in the life boat and continue your journey.
    While in life boats sharks may randomly attack you.
    The shark will only kill the highest power person in the life boat
    If a shark attacks then since only one person is in life boat now it takes twice as long to finish but that person gets double rewards

    Airplanes and submarines do not fit into the fantasy theme. The sharks complicate it too much.
    Also, there is no Vip 65 or Vip 87.

    However, I think people that are Vip should get some rewards.
    At Vip 4, you can use a sea turtle instead of a boat, that can submerge like the submarines you described.
    At Vip 7 you can get a, "greater," sea turtle that submerges for longer time and moves much faster.

    The sea can also have NPC merchant ships that drop maps, higher level NPC can drop, "legendary," maps that reward x10 treasure for the player using the map.

    Also, you can visit, "islands," along the way, which has items for sale like fair and play animations of scantily clad Tynon girls dancing. From the, "islands," you can also buy gunpowder for gems, which give you boosts much like world boss boosts for your next naval battle. These can work whether you are attempting to sink an enemy ship or turtle or defending your ship/turtle.

    Finally, there should be dragons that fly across and attacks the highest power player. The dragons should be just hard enough where the two strongest players in the guild have a chance of defeating the dragon, in which case they get bonus coins and Lvl 4 gems.

    And I like the lifeboat idea. The first time you are sunk, you get a -20% power debuff and continue on in a life boat at half speed.

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    I'm glad you guys are seeing some humor in it. Let's set something straight. The guild I am in is perfectly capable of managing this situation by constant sinking of the people who play the game this way. It is the top guild, period.....all servers. But that is not my point, nor why I brought this up. We will not stoop to the level of people who take unfair advantage of their strength. This is a game that should be enjoyed by all participants, and I do not, and cannot respect players who do nothing to add to the experience for the beginners in a positive way.

    If Tynon refuses to act on this matter, it won't effect me personally. My interest is in helping the smaller, newer players. The more players we have, the more fun we all can have. I do not want to discourage anyone from playing.

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