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Thread: To Legends: From Delos

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    Unhappy To Legends: From Delos

    ATT: LEGENDS --- I QUIT!!!!

    This is Delos and to any of the guild Legends that read this. I quit. Blame Tynon, I'm sick and tired of all the crap in this game not working and Baal toady is the last straw. I had a blast playing with you guys but enough is enough. Tynon talks about another server going online in 20+ hrs and they can't even keep people from being locked out.

    To Cerri, Nick, Dang & Psy and all the rest thanks for making it fun I wouldn't have stuck around as long as I have if it hadn't been for all of you. Good bye and good luck.

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    later...see ya next week...

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    see you around Delos

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