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Thread: Championship Warfare Level Divisions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herby View Post
    It's championship warfare, not everyone-wins warfare.

    There's only 1 winner.

    The strongest wins, that's all to be said.

    NOTE: This is a necro'd thread. 6months then someone commented on the post dated December 2013.

    Ask to be closed pls?
    As Stated in my prev post. We will continue to see the same people win over and over and over. Nobody said anything about the strongest didnt win. Your Redundant posts are necro'd. There is a report button herby, Click it ask the mod to close the thread. If you feel its necro'd. And theres only 1 winner? Shocker...

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    Since this is necro'd, I'll close it. Remember guys there's a report button you don't have to keep raising the dead.

    Forum Moderators are volunteers and are unable to fix in game problems

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