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Thread: Championship Warfare Winners Announcement

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    CW tell me about it please

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    Just in case anyone was wondering about Championship Warfare, you need to get a recycled computer, Windows 7 or earlier, with Adobe Flash - in order to play Tynon. Championship Warfare is pitting one player against another player in an arena-style competition.

    Humphreys Peak is south of the Grand Canyon, has not erupted as if this writing. The air quality is bad. I have no idea how to measure it, and I'm not going to be wandering around all by myself, looking for holes in the ground around the walking trail. I have no idea what the names of the air purifiers are, or how to use the minerals absorbed by these air purifiers productively.

    A few volcanoes around Russia erupted in October 2023

    This was prior to the New Britain volcano eruption that is going to be selling air purifiers for a long time.

    There are evacuations all over Iceland.

    Oh, yes, lest we forget, just in case you were planning on sending over a few boats to help out, there was a 4.7 seismic wave off the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Coos Bay, Oregon, United States of America. What that means to sailing or shipping is something that I can only visualize, not write about.
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