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Thread: Tynon Will Be Live Tomorrow!

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    same here, I go to payment history and it shows every attempt I've made, but none have gone through.

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    dawnbringer how do i claim thank you package iv refreshed it cleaned the cach the works
    plz help

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    It auto adds to your in-game funds.
    Love is like War.
    Easy to Find.
    Difficult to End.
    Impossible to Forget.

    Tynon - iDeadly Founder

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    Will all of the freezing be fixed on all of the game sights or not.The game keeps freezing up in the battles on both the Bow of Athena and The Blaze of Fire Dragon. c
    Could you please fix these problems.

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    i have played ragnarok twice now and i still have not gain my rewards today and yesterday i was top 8 today in storm of freyr so can u please fix this

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