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Thread: How To Redeem Your Beta Gems

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    How To Redeem Your Beta Gems

    You'll need to use your Order ID, not your PayPal Transaction ID to redeem Gems (despite what it says in the window). You can find your Order ID by going to and using the My Account link, and then clicking on Payment History.

    Claiming Your Gems on Live Server:

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    This is not working in hammer of thor

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    u guys are hopeless.....

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    same in Zeus - utterly useless Customer support!!

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    they changed it from last night.. you have to open a window and log in then go to my account and my payments then enter in the delivered codes..

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    nope not working, it either gives me order id does not excist or transaction id does not excist. anyone got it working yet?

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    Yep I've got my beta transaction gems. I got the codes from my account off the beta server, entered them and the gems were immediately credited to my new account.

    This was on Zeus server, so whether its just affected certain servers I can't say.

    Forum Moderators are volunteers and are unable to fix in game problems

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    Only some of my redeems worked. Not all. Missing about 2k gems... Will put a ticket in.

    -- Deuc

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    Andy this is a huge exploit that Deucalion has posted. Why aren't you editing or deleting it?

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    Mine still aren't working i have tried all 3 Order ID's and neither of them work on Wrath of Odin

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    can not redeem beta gems. Says transaction not found. Any idea what the deal is.

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