I don't understand why they gave us only a week to buy Maria. Some people don't have the cash right away, and by the time they do, the promo ended. It's kinda messed up that we can't even recruit her unless we buy her. It should be an option to buy her at any time and not just, "here's Maria you have 7 days to buy her or your out of luck." I have talked to others, and they feel the same way, on BETA they gave everyone Maria, but here we had to buy her. why not make it to where people that don't have the money to buy a hero, have another way to get her ? I know it's only 5 bucks, but some people have other things to do with their $ and can't just spend it here because they only gave us 7 days to buy her. I personally was going to buy her after my next paycheck, But it is no longer an option, because the offer expired. I just think it is unfair. Tynon says the game isn't set up to where people that spend money get better perks, then they do this. Yeah being a VIP is great, but making us buy a hero and saying we only have 7 days to do it is just messed up to me. I am going to try to post a poll to see how many people believe this is unfair, and believe we should have other ways to obtain Maria besides paying for her.