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Thread: Haven't been able to login for 7 days now...

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    Haven't been able to login for 7 days now...

    It's been 7 days since a successful login for me. I have already found another game to play as a result. Really sucks though since I put so much time & effort into this one. My guildies prob think I just gave up & deserted them (cause guild/realm was nearly dead), but that is not the case. I have been trying at least 100 times a day on three different browsers for 7 days straight to no avail. No other sites or games give me a problem and I have tried every trick in the book. Even the loss of a single day of play sets a player back tremendously. This sucks.
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    It would greatly help if you give more specifics than "Haven't been able to login".

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    I have the exact same problem!

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    The servers are all online so if you can't login, you might try from a different computer to see if that can help isolate the cause.

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    They might have blocked your IP address if someone was cheating and got caught using the IP you currently have. Try resetting your WIFI to get a different IP and clear your cache.

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    I cannot log into any server what so ever. Havent been able to for over a week.

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    Discussion on game load issues

    no its not just u i cant get on my game anymore , something has got to be done , it freezes and just wont load most of the time , cant get into battles cause it wont load , tynon needs to get off their butts and do something

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    I've been locked out for three days now, loads to 99% and freezes. tried on different computers and different browsers, same result. cleared caches, restarted computers, reloaded flash, same result.

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    Discussion on game load issues

    I started this tread to be a place that gale load issues are discussed. Post that are not related to that subject will be deleted.
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    yea failure to load asset errors on everything I click. Game is unplayable

    was playing on Firefox.. just tried Safari and the game works just fine.
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