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Thread: My Account is gone

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    Unhappy My Account is gone

    Had computer problems and have not been online for a while

    I get back on and goes to tynon but I could not get into my account, I use my password, email and player name and it just sent me to another server
    I finally found my server the first one but again it started me as a new player. I have spent way to many hard earned money and time to just start over in this game
    so how do I get my account back?

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    Player name?

    You're not required to enter a player name when logging in Tynon.

    You only enter one to make a new account.

    You probably forgot what server your real character is in. Either try and click on all the servers you can on the list, or login,, and so on, until you find your character.

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    This happens to me every once in a while also,even happened this morning.If you have a 2nd browser use that and it will log in fine.
    Originally Posted by Boroeast
    We have informed the community manager about this issue. He should get back to us with an answer soon.

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    ask it to the servic
    I lost my password for 2 weeks
    After their help I had a new password

    I think you can get help by click 2 times
    1.the button if you forgot your password
    2.a button with something like "helping service"
    (it was almost 7 months ago that I need their help)

    It's a lie that I joined it in December
    Really , I am already level 68 & almost 69
    My power is around 3.000.000
    I am on server 4(very old server , I noticed here are more than 100 servers)
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    In your mind
    Also if you cleaned your history and cache it will bring you to another webpage.
    At the bottom it says something like login.
    When you click that you get to the page where you fill in your email address and password.

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    We never delete characters, even if you're inactive for a very long time. You just need to remember your email address and log in on the correct server.
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    36 said i said what... i've lost track of how many dozen emails i've lost the passwords to, how many digital cameras and memory cards i've allowed to walk, even how many pc's and laptops blew out...

    yes, i can verify that if i forget the password, it's gone

    it's not like i'm just wondering what's been going on with all these puzzle pieces that form, maybe athena onassis is too, and everything we write is in english, an entirely different alphabet, and excuse me, maybe she'll get around to playing it soon enough... we could use someone rational with both money and common sense around here.

    Maybe her game has probably been around since the 18th century, back when computers were hand crank machines... however, this is just a theory...


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    thx but you forgot to close it lol
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    The forums sure has fallen from grace, turning into a vent-fest, instead of people sharing ideas and techniques.
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