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Thread: Dragons eye--not getting them

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    Dragons eye--not getting them

    we are claiming dragons eye's in chests above 108 level.. BUT not receiving them in our storage area.. so basically another tynon glitch robbing us of our materials for grinding.. and getting nothing when it contains this item in the chest in arena

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    Don't worry, dragonscale items are still quite way off.

    We don't even have judgement chestguards yet.

    Funny that I still have 35 materials for a sphinx spirit lol

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    Dont worry?

    I knew you and me agreeing wasnt going to last forever.

    this is UNACCEPTABLE. You get a rewards that you dont get. It doesnt matter if its for items that wont be released for 6 months. THEY ARE ROBBING US OF A REWARD. This is no different if you pick gems as a stake and don not receeve the gems.

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