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Thread: Cost to remove Saints

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    Cost to remove Saints

    This is how it works
    If you want to remove 1 saint - regardless of the color or what it is - it costs gems. How many gems depends on the saint level of the hero. The saint level of the hero is the only thing that determines the gem cost.
    I would positively like to thank the folks on server 1 who have contributed to making this list
    I would positively like to thank all the other folks who will help finish this list

    Saint 1 - Free
    Saint 2 - 1 gem
    Saint 3 - 2 gems
    Saint 4 - 5 gems
    Saint 5 - 8 gems
    HA 1 - 10 gems
    HA 2 - 12 gems
    HA 3 - 15 gems
    HA 4 - 18 gems
    HA 5 - 20 gems
    Angel 1 - 25 gems
    Angel 2 - 30 gems
    Angel 3 - 35 gems
    Angel 4 -40 gems
    Angel 5 - 50 gems
    AA 1 - 60 gems
    AA 2 - 70 gems
    AA 3 - 80 gems
    AA 4 - 90 gems
    AA 5 - 100 gems
    Dominion 1 - 120 gems
    Dominion 2 -140 gems
    Dominion 3 -160 gems
    Dominion 4 - 180 gems
    Dominion 5 - 200 gems
    Seraph 1 - 300 gems
    Seraph 2 - 325 gems
    Seraph 3 - 350 gems
    Seraph 4 - 400 gems
    Seraph 5 - 500 gems
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    oh wow, ty for this info!

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    to remove one off my AA1 would be 60gems

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    I thought after Archangel came Dominion, not Dominance.
    my naga, my naga

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    Thank you MattP. Since this is useful info, I'll sticky this thread for now.

    Forum Moderators are volunteers and are unable to fix in game problems

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkwongfl_7919855 View Post
    I thought after Archangel came Dominion, not Dominance.
    I am positively horrified at my mistake

    ANd thank you for the AA1 costs robrien

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan le Fay View Post
    Thank you MattP. Since this is useful info, I'll sticky this thread for now.
    I am positively dleighted to have a stickied thread. Thank you

    But I am positive all my threads contain useful info

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    seriously spam bots in tynon forum? what next?
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    Seraph 5 - 500 gems

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    Upon looking at the gem costs for removing saints, I think this system is great for any new server. You can easily control, for a relatively cheap cost, the growth of an important hero. This means that all your early saintings can be the ones you want for cheap. As you get to the latter saintings, it gets costly, which is okay I guess.

    The problem with this sytem is that it was introduced in the older servers, where people already have a lot of saintings. This means they can't control a hero's growth, it's a bit too late.

    Every change Tynon has made has been a good change for the game in itself in my opinion. Any new server is and has been affected positively by those. However, very little attention is given to the old servers I think. There should be some kind of compensation whenever a change is made so that the older servers aren't penalized by this. For instance, a one time opportunity to remove all undesired saintings for 5/10 gems each.

    All I'm trying to say is that Tynon shouldn't only apply changes with upcoming servers in mind, but also prevent problems on older servers as those changes are implemented. They're good on macro-thinking, but not micro-thinking, which is why so many players are constantly unhappy. Individual players and their respective problems should be given more attention.

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