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Thread: New to the game? Read This!

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    why not a single game slides in

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    Why Not?
    By the time you have read this one, you, dear end user, have more than likely already created one account. Perhaps you have received a lot of pressure to take over another player's account, someone who "has to go back to the army" or "who is having a baby" or "who is going on a long expedition to Antarctica". Or maybe you are playing in a guild where there are two or three players manning what seems like eighty characters at times, or perhaps you are playing on a server that seems to be that way.

    The best way to handle this, is simply this, change your passcode to the account you have, and move on, maybe even delete the entire gmail or google account. Poof, it's gone.

    Then, start over with the fresh know-how that you already have.

    If, on the other hand, you have decided that maybe this entire game is something that might still be under development, go ahead, move on, play Bubble Witch, Plants vs Zombies, World of Warcraft, Vegas World, Vikings War of Clans, Forge of Empires, Stormtroopers, Area 51, Gex, Bejeweled, whatever your heart fancies.

    Just one thing please - leave this code alone, it was already decompiled enough before the kind folks at attempted to post it so that the general public could access it. Debugging this poor little beaten up game takes a lot of time and costs a lot of money.

    Please be patient with the line and staff workers while artificial intelligence of a higher power is attempted to be contacted. Or. conversely, given that this element of Caribbean Pirates probably has a better version that was supposed to have been bundled with this lovely game out there somewhere, maybe play Pirates Tides of Fortunes and chat with players there, maybe even learn a new language or two or three. Perhaps you shall learn what the other versions of the pirate sailing game are from someone who knows all about pirate video games.

    Aside from that

    1) Get a brand-new Gmail account
    2) Sign up for updates about on
    3) Read the game tips on various sites
    4) Pick a time and place where you will be undisturbed when you create your new tune.
    5) Read over the name of your tune carefully prior to clicking, be prepared for some frenemy twerking with the name.
    6) Correct the typo if your frenemy twerks with the name of your tune.
    7) Try to go through the entire basic training in one session.
    8) Be sure to place your tune back in the city before you sign off.
    9) Don't worry, be happy. Avoid giving in to peer pressure from your frenemies in whatever guild or realm you are in.

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    Besides doing this you need to go into the 2nd page of your pack by clicking on the '2' in a circle in the lower right. there are more slots there but they must be unlocked. It is free to do and you can do one every 24 hours. When one is ready to be unlocked that lock in the icon will show as being open. Just click on it and the slot will be available and the next one will start the 24 hour countdown.

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