Welcome to the Tynon forums, a community dedicated to the free browser game, Tynon. By using these forums, you are agreeing to follow these rules and requirements, so make sure you know them. We are an easy going bunch, but we do strive to maintain a high standard for posts on the forums, so we do enforce the rules.

Forum Rating: PG

Short n Sweet Version
The forum language is English. No other Language is to be used anywhere on the forums.
Be mature! Keep profanity, insults and personal attacks off the forums. We also don't want to see anything that would be inappropriate for ANY players of our game.
Search! You might be surprised how many people have already asked your exact question. Search, read, then post!

Code of Conduct

No flaming, personal attacks or harassment
We won't tolerate posters who attempt to make life difficult or miserable for other players. Disagreement is fine, but personal attacks and harassment are not. This includes:

Flames and personal attacks
  • Any post which gratuitously insults or slanders another player, group, alliance, moderator or Tynon employee is not allowed. Trash/smack talk is allowed, but keep it within reason.
  • Any post which accuses another player of 'cheating', 'hacking', 'botting', 'exploiting', etc. is not allowed.
  • Any post or pattern of behavior by a player of group which consistently insults, baits or stalks a player is not allowed.

No profanity, obscenity or vulgar remarks
No language or links to any websites which contain language or images that are profane, obscene, or vulgar. This includes:
  • Inappropriate references to the human body and/or bodily functions
  • Any words that are blocked by the language filter
  • Any attempts to bypass the language filter
  • Any other content deemed objectionable by the moderators or staff

No racism, nationalism or discrimination
Any language or links to websites or images which contain racism, nationalism and discrimination are not allowed. This includes:
  • Insultingly referring to any race or ethnicity
  • Insultingly referring to any nationality or region
  • Insultingly referring to any religion or philosophy
  • Insultingly referring to any lifestyle or gender
  • Promoting or espousing any philosophy, ideology or viewpoint that breaks one of the above rules

No politics or religion
Discussions of politics and religion are not allowed on this forum. This includes:
  • Discussing the internal politics of any country or region
  • Discussing any religion or major religious figure
  • Insultingly referring to any major political figure, party or affiliation
  • Insultingly referring to any major religious figure or group
  • Promoting or espousing any philosophy, ideology or viewpoint that breaks one of the above rules

No sex or sexuality
Discussions of sex and sexuality are not appropriate for this forum. This includes:
  • References to sexual function or organs
  • References to sexual orientation or lifestyle
  • References to extreme or illegal sexual behavior
  • Sexually suggestive images, links or discussion
  • pornography
  • This includes internet memes such as 'pedo' and 'pedobear'

No discussion of cheats, hacks or exploits
Discussion of cheats, hacks, exploits, bots or other illegal in-game activity is not allowed on these forums. This includes:
  • Accusing another player of using a cheat, hack, bot or exploit
  • Linking or discussing a cheat, hack, bot, or exploit
  • Posting malware, Trojan Horses or viruses (instant ban)

No extreme violence or illegal activity
Discussion of extreme, graphic or shocking violence or any illegal activity or drug use is not allowed and strictly enforced.

Real life threats and posting real life information
Any poster which threatens another member in real life, posts real life information, or threatens to post real life information about another member will be immediately banned and full cooperation will be given to authorities in any criminal investigation.

Spamming, baiting and trolling
Any post which is intended to be disruptive is not allowed. This includes:
  • Creating new threads for topics in which a thread already exists
  • Repetitive posts in the same thread or different threads with no constructive value
  • Post bumping, including bumping old posts (called 'necroing')
  • Posting dismissive internet memes such as TL;DR or any trite post with no value to the thread
  • Creating threads to be disruptive or call attention to the poster
  • Referring to locked or deleted threads
  • Posts attempting to bait, trick or force others to become angry or break the forum rules
  • Posts or any other actions intended to be disruptive
  • Creating threads with titles in all caps or using symbols or excessive punctuation
  • Creating petition threads for any reason

Official fansites are welcome to post links to their site. Links are also allowed to non-competing gaming websites as part of a broader discussion. Advertising products, unapproved websites or non-Tynon related material is not allowed. This includes:
  • Links or discussion of games similar to Tynon
  • Links or discussion of any product, service or offer
  • Links in signatures to non-Tynon sites

Respect for the Staff and moderators
The Tynon Forum is a discussion community for the game Tynon, under the sole authority of its Administrators, and run with the aid of Moderators who act on the authority of the Administrators. At all times will members of this Forum follow the instructions of staff members, including these moderators and administrators. They are acting on behalf of the Administrators; questioning their actions or motivations in public messages is not allowed. Instead, should you have an issue with the way a staff member is behaving or disagree with their judgment, please contact one of the staff members via email or private message to express your concerns. Our moderators are entirely volunteer, and deserve the freedom to be able to do their volunteer jobs. At the same time, we recognize that not every decision is infallible, and will be happy to discuss decisions with you in private.

Note: Denouncing any member of the staff with inflammatory and false statements is a bannable offense.

The Low Down:
A quick recap for those who like to skim

The breakdown of all these rules is simple. Show respect to your fellow members. Every member of this board is welcome. Just because you don't agree with everything they say, does not mean they deserve disrespect from you or anyone else. If what they are saying is a problem, all members are encouraged to POLITELY point out the forum rules and/or show them a better way to communicate. Should a problem escalate further, let the moderators deal with it.

Unlike many other forums, this site is heavily moderated to maintain a high level of maturity. Posts will be edited or deleted if they are against the rules. Should you notice one of your posts edited, DO NOT re-edit to comment or alter it. Simply make another post following the rules or contact a moderator if you need further explanation or feel you were unfairly treated.

If you have any questions or concerns, please make use of the Contact Us form, email us, or post in the Forum Suggestions and Feedback.