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Thread: Spirits gone from bank

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    Question Spirits gone from bank

    i had Ironheart's and hopebringer's spirit in bank and now they are gone. Can anyone help me plz.

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    if your bank is full they may be hiding behind other items. Even if it is not full now, they may be hiding from when it was full. Look at the Capacity number at the bottom unther the last row of lots. If the first number plus any open slots is greater that the second number you have hidden items. What yo need to do is to move every item, one ant a time to an open slot. Once you get to the one that is hiding the missing item ans move it, the missing item will show up.

    If this is not your problem use the Support tab in the game Chat to open a ticket. Make sure you include the server and your game name in that server in the information provided. Be as specific as possible including the approximate date and server time when it happen. If you have any evidence, such as screen captures, attach it to the ticket.
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    i submitted a ticket with all the info i could provide. Lets see what happens. I just hope they give me something back.

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    Good luck with it

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