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Thread: Upcoming Patch: Early March

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    Mergers would be nice, so would new content. This post was a year ago, and nothing from Tynon regarding new content in a year, a "few" fixes for heroes, etc, but not enough, there are still players with white maria, there is a 3rd sub spot, but no additional Royal duel heroes. The quest line ends at level 110 bosses and monsters, yet the max character level is 120 (still not there, but have finished the "current" quest line). Saw something somewhere on the forums I believe stating that Evony was getting some work and that Tynon should be shortly after the first of the year 2015, but nothing so far. Also saw something regarding a new "mobile/app based they're working on instead of Tynon which I've had people say would be nice if it did have an app. I have to admit, the game is getting a bit boring with nothing new to work on, and HR is a pain having to go to the Inn for heroes to use instead of the ones I use for Banish events and standard "defend my arena rank" heroes.
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    I can not login to the game on any server. when are they going to patch the game to load and work

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